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About us

Starting as a Unilever marketing trainee, Kit has worked at two of London’s major ad agencies, working on clients such as Weetabix, Cussons and Guinness. So he knows how the biggest brands work.

He’s also supported agencies and design consultancies in Bristol, Bath and Poole.

Kit has written copy for a lot of industries: house builders such as Barratt Homes, media companies (Southern Daily Echo), toilet cubicles, a DIY chain, circular staircases, franchises, a hair salon chain, pheasant feeding devices…

He runs one of the world’s major copywriting courses, at The Blackford Centre, with students in the UK, USA and South Africa. It keeps him alert to best practice.

Technology: Kit delivers work in MS Word. He has a working knowledge of HTML/CSS, WordPress, Plesk and cPanel. But he prefers to leave that to the experts.

Outside of work, Kit edits Wikipedia pages, creates art using 3D printing, and loves his MGTF, the last of Britain’s open-top sports cars.