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Web content

Every site has many roles to play, from the visitors initial arrival on site to to them getting out a credit card.

How do we stop them flicking away from the site? How do we engage them and get them nodding? These are the questions that should preoccupy us.

In building copy, Kit sets out to understand the visitor’s needs and pain points, before starting to create copy.

Brochures and Leaflets

Words and design have to work synergistically here. It’s easy for each to go off in separate, unconnected directions.

Form follows function here. Is it a ‘stuffer’, designed to initiate interest? Or is it a more detailed brochure for people who have already encountered your business?

Press ads

Straightforward branding, off-the-page selling, or somewhere in between?

We copywriters sometimes view branding exercises as a bit of a waste of money. All that lovely space, and just a picture of a watch. We like to make your money work hard for you. Ads are more than just a moody photo and a brand name.

Social media

Social media posts need to be regular and brief. We use them to reinforce customers’ familiarity and create loyalty, or (depending on the market) we’re seeking to bring them to your website where you can more easily continue the dialogue.

So, we need to be sure what the purpose of putting words on social media is.

UX and micro copy

Checking your weight or today’s tasks? You need just the right information and the correct moment. Working with designers, Kit can guide users in a satisfying way that way maintains usage.


You want concepts? We’ve got ’em. Kit reckons ads shouldn’t start until you have 20 or more concepts to think about. Optionally they come with stick figure visuals. Kit can also work with a creative director on the task, because two heads produce better ideas.

TV and Radio commercials

The price of video has fallen, and radio production has always been inexpensive. And the simplest ideas are often the strongest. GroundCopy can give you surprisingly great commercials.

Brand and domain names

A great brand name lifts a product from average to awesome.

We have tools and tricks for producing great names.

All the best domain names went years ago; but we have techniques for overcoming that problem.