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How we work with agencies and designers

If you’re a designer or an ad agency, perhaps we should talk?

Almost all creative work needs words, especially where you need creative or long form copy.

But it’s expensive to keep a copywriter on staff. And content that’s been written by the client is, cough, rarely very good.

So it makes sense to use a reliable, experienced, copywriter who can fit in with you.

I’ve worked with many agencies. As far as clients are concerned, I’m just part of the team.

And for you, I bring added skills. a slightly different viewpoint. It comes from years of experience.

Here’s what I will do:

  • I will support your creative work, not fight it.
  • I will meet an agreed deadline. Always.
  • I willingly accept suggestions for revisions.
  • At your request I will attend a client meeting, as part of your team (no charge).

And here’s what I never do:

  • I never throw hissie fits.
  • I will never talk to a client of yours without first getting your prior agreement.
  • I will never discuss money with your client.
  • I will never steal a client or take money directly from a client of yours (that’s pretty self-defeating).
Working as a team produces better results.